TPC team

Creating potato solutions!

The TPC team cooperates closely with associated breeders and buyers. Together we strive to cultivate high-quality, innovative potato varieties. The ensuing dynamics are one of the reasons why we have such a strong position on the potato market.


Our motto indicates exactly what we stand for: Creating potato solutions!

Gaby Stet

Owner - sales TPC - the potato company

Jos Bus

Production - research TPC - the potato company

Jos de Witte

Production TPC - the potato company

Hilco van der Wal

Logistics - sales TPC - the potato company

Jeldert Oenema

Research TPC - the potato company

Bauke van der Boom

Logistics TPC - the potato company

Jurjen Doornbos

Logistics - production TPC - the potato company

Rinske Stet Keuning

Communication & PR - Office management TPC - the potato company

Janita de Jonge

Finance TPC - the potato company

Sonja van der Linde

General assistant production & research TPC - the potato company
  • +31 (0) 527 630 110
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