TPC sustainable

TPC continuously aims to maintain a balance between financial results, social interests and the environment.


Organic potatoes

TPC has always valued the significance of organically grown potatoes. TPC wants to create potato varieties that serve as an alternative for organic farming. The volume of traditionally grown potatoes will ultimately almost equal that of organic farming. By being active in the bio sector today, TPC has already acquired a leading position in organic market development and is ready for tomorrow.


Joint venture projects in developing countries

In Burkina Faso, in the Sourou Valley, TPC has been farming some 100 hectares in potatoes since 2006. With this project we aim to replace expensive imported European consumer-grade potatoes with locally farmed varieties. By initiating such projects TPC hopes to create a platform in Africa. Its close involvement in these projects provides TPC with opportunities for the future and a great deal of satisfaction about the present.



Food Bank

We regularly supply free potatoes to several food banks in the Netherlands.


Solar energy

As we harvest our potatoes from the soil, so we harvest energy from the sun and transform it into electricity. The roofing of our TPC warehouse contains 3000 Wp worth of solar panels, good for approximately 250Kwh in pure energy. This way we largely provide in our own sustainable energy supply.


Our office is also very careful in how energy is used. No printing if not necessary. Lights out in time, low-energy computer systems, and naturally we use green energy for the remainder of our energy needs.


On sunny days we generate more energy than we use. On those days we are a power company in addition to a potato company!

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