Parantage: Amalia x Amora

General properties

Market segment Agata, Colomba, Premiere
Maturity Very early
Yield Very high and very early
Foliage Very good
Skin color Light yellow
Flesh color Yellow
Tuber shape Round oval
Eye depth Reasonably flat
Tuber size Big sized tubers
Dry matter contents 20,50%
Consumer quality Pre pack and fresh fries


Resistance to leaf-roll virus 8
Resistance to A-virus 7
Resistance to X-virus 8
Resistance to Y-virus 7
Resistance to Phytophtora (leaf) 5
Resistance to Phytophtora (tuber) 7
RResistance to internal bruising 6
Resistance to Common Scab 7
Resistance to Wart disease Physio 1; resistant

Nematode resistance

AM-A (Ro1)
AM-BC (Ro2,3)
AM-D (Pa2) Susceptible
AM-E (Pa3)
AM-F (Ro4)
AM-G (Ro5)
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