Monte Carlo

Parantage: Mul 91-13 x Bu 93-136

General properties

Market segment Desiree, Red Pontiac
Maturity Middle early
Yield High
Foliage Normal
Skin color Light red
Flesh color White
Tuber shape Oval
Eye depth Flat/reasonably flat
Tuber size Large/medium sized tubers
Dry matter contents 20,50%
Consumer quality Pre pack and table


Resistance to leaf-roll virus 8
Resistance to A-virus 8
Resistance to X-virus 8
Resistance to Y-virus 7
Resistance to Phytophtora (leaf) 5
Resistance to Phytophtora (tuber) 6,5
RResistance to internal bruising 9
Resistance to Common Scab 8
Resistance to Wart disease Physio 1, 2/6, 18: resistant

Nematode resistance

AM-A (Ro1) Resistant
AM-BC (Ro2,3) Resistant
AM-D (Pa2) Resistant
AM-E (Pa3) Resistant
AM-F (Ro4) Resisitant
AM-G (Ro5)
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